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DeepGenix believes people should be educated about health and wellness. Access to information about the ailment is first step in this journey. DeepGenix is based on the fundamentals of physiology, pathology, and intra-cellular-, the branch of biology that studies genes and genetic variations in organisms. We have invested years of research to develop DeepGenix, which combines “deep phenotyping” which is understanding the medical essence of a person and deep learning which is a form of artificial intelligence. We like to think of DeepGenix as an empathetic tool that will lead the user to a better understanding of what he or she is experiencing irrespective of the nature or intensity of the symptoms. The tool will ask the user a set of questions related to the symptoms and then predict an ailment based on the analysis. DeepGenix is not an alternative to medical expertise and we sincerely advise all our users to consult qualified doctors before arriving at any conclusions or undergoing tests suggested by our tool. As an educational tool, DeepGenix offers information on preventive actions such as changes in eating habits or lifestyle. We recommend the users to provide lifestyle data for accurate predictive information. Presently DeepGenix provides information on the below mentioned categories like Liver, Pancreas, Intestines, Lungs, Heart, Kidney, Throat, Nose, Ears, Bones, Blood, Parasites attack, Bacterial attack, Viral attack, Vitamins & Minerals etc. DeepGenix genies are hard at work making the app language friendly so that more and more users will have easy access to information related to their ailments. We are also working on recommending specialist doctors to you so that you know your next step in getting healthy and fit.

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Diagnosis of Disease

The DeepGenix mobile application predicts the disease on symptoms provides by patient. It has knowledge based intelligence, which has made in years of research. The user has to check the correct symptoms to get the higher accuracy. We also declare the level of accuracy in the application. The result is available in multiple languages. This is advised to the patients to provide lifestyle related data such as smoke, and alcohol in order to reach more accuracy.

Pathological Test Requirements

According to medical science, certain tests helps to get better accuracy. It helps to make the hypothesis stronger. DeepGenix displays some tests which would give better understanding about the disease to the patient.

Finding Appropriate Doctors for particular Symptoms

DeepGenix application helps patient to find the correct category of doctor for the particular symptoms. No need to stay in confusion whether patient needs to go to the pulmonologist or cardilogist. DeepGenix understands the symptoms, and accordingly suggest the type of doctor patient needs to visit.

Population Health Data, Analytics, and Forecasting

DeepGenix collects live population health data which includes signs & symptoms, and diseases by age, geography, blood group, food habits, life style patterns such as alcohol consumption, smoking behaviour and many through its mobile application. Every day, more than 1000 patients participate in testing their symptoms.

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